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When The Moon Shines by torivarn

Downpour by Keith Burtonwood

(by Aage Drake)

Spirit Island  |  Johannes Berger

Lake Marie Sunrise by Björn Göhringer

Lines of Life - Irene Mei

Castle on the coast on Flickr.
Black Sabbath - War Pigs

Black Sabbath

War Pigs


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Exploring the fringes of my imagination

First, this blog contains a fair amount of NSFW so be warned LOL.

I like all sorts of things, very eclectic and chaotic ~ life is a journey filled with a myriad of experiences good and bad.

Me - perhaps a tad too intelligent with too big a heart. A survivor of adversities too numerous to list. I have a penchant for confronting evil ~ fighting for lost causes and all the challenges that entails.

You can ask me anything but keep in mind the blog is solely intended as entertainment. I tend to post whatever strikes my fancy at the moment so postings can get a tad eclectic. Enjoy


This blog is NSFW and no one under 18 - you have been so advised.


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